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•We , the SANGUINE WE CARE WELFARE SOCIETY’s (SWWS), are proud to become the lifeline of marginalized and disadvantaged communities, giving people a reason to live, for the women, children , poor to avail the basic needs to prosper, to keep our environment clean & healthy, protect it, save our forests, go green, be a shield for the stray animals, protect them from the evils, uplift the weaker sections of the society, educate & train them, look after their health aspects, work closely with the government for uplifting the rurals/ villagers, and enable them to become ‘AATMANIRBHAR’, conduct capacity building programs, educate people about Human Rights, responsibilities, inculcate civic sense, and spread awareness to the public at large regarding various govt. schemes, through varied mediums , so that they can avail the best opportunities.

•We partner with governments, policy leaders, companies and communities throughout the world, equip them with a mix of problem-solving tools, data & research insights, and advisory services.

•Under our Research & Education Wing, we combine the best of management and leadership skills of talented professionals with in-depth on ground experiences and network across nations.

•We work with the public and private sector to build capacity, improve governance systems and increase civic engagements that fuels an inclusive and sustainable growth.

•To advice and implement projects for our clients, we collaborate with local partners across the world. •We provide research and implementation support to the Government on key schemes in the area of health/nutrition/rural development/ Panchayati Raj/Disaster Management/ All Line Departments.

•Identify the gaps in the functioning of key schemes in the above mentioned sectors and provide the Government feedback on the same.

•Regular co-ordination with other organizations in to understand the challenges on the ground. Design research methodologies and analyze the implementation of key schemes and create end to end solutions for the same and assess the effectiveness of recommended risk reduction actions or other interventions.

•Creation of documents and collaterals to support the Government, Design, implement, or assess service delivery mechanisms to enhance the outcome.

•Closely work with the National, State and District Officials, prepare DPRs, all sort of documentation, field visits , filming, create support documents, provide Consultancy, etc.